The Rochester City School District


The Panel: Rieder Öko Skin
The Framing: Knight Wall HCI grits with Panel Rail and Reveal Girt
The Insulation: Hunter XCI CG
The Air Barrier: Carlisle Coatings and Waterproofing Barritech NP
The Architect: SWBR Rochester, NY


The Rochester City School District demands exterior materials that can withstand the abuse of kids of all ages. RCSD #16 is an elementary school that has experienced many changes and additions throughout its lifetime. The plan for this early 20th-century school was to shore up all of the additions, level out some of the interior elevation changes and to make this a welcoming environment for the re-opening. The exterior cleverly accomplished this goal by using a mix of materials and colors. Rieder’s award-winning products were used to create a colorful plank design wrapping the new addition while flowing inside to the new entrance and refinished gymnasium. Rieder’s Öko skin planks provide a durable, maintenance free, reinforced concrete panel that the Rochester City School District can rely on.