Cannan, Alexander & Scott is proud to offer a variety of AIA accredited lunch & learn presentations. We recognize that continuing education is a critical requirement in today’s architectural world.

All presentations take about an hour & attendees will earn 1 AIA/HSW continuing education credit. With advance notice we are able to offer RCI credit as well upon request. Once scheduled we provide lunch during the presentation. Certificates of attendance are provided and attendance is submitted to AIA. Course objectives are available upon request.

Please see our extensive list of available courses below.

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Single-Ply Membranes, EPDM & Thermoplastic Roofing Membranes

This presentation will cover all single-ply membranes including their history, the different types of roofing systems, membrane attachment methods, advancements in technology, warranties and the advantages & challenges of the different membranes. Also covered will be today’s energy issues, sustainability and the unintended consequences of “cool” roofing and it’s impact on the environment.

SBS Technology & The Roofing Industry

This presentation will cover the history & development of SBS modified roofing systems & explain the important physical values to be considered when specifying modified built up roofing systems as well as installation methods.
Also covered will be system advantages and how they may relate to the final
cost. This course aims to help specifiers better understand the SBS market.

An In-Depth Look at Thermoplastic Membranes - TPO & PVC

This presentation will cover the history as well as the latest enhancements
made to PVC through the use of different types of plasticizers and their impact on longevity & performance. Also covered will be the history of TPO & what to watch for when selecting TPO membranes. As well membrane attachment methods and the advantages & challenges of both membranes.

PMMA Liquid Applied Roofing & Waterproofing Membranes

PMMA is a high performance liquid applied waterproofing system that is unique to the industry in that it is a cold-applied product that is totally UV stable and offers a 20 year warranty. PMMA systems are typically used on plaza decks, balconies and situations where a fully insulated roof system is not desired. This course will describe the origins & composition of liquid applied PMMA roofing & waterproofing membranes. It will cover the performance characteristics & applications of liquid membranes.

The effective use of air barriers, continuous insulation and claddings with respect to the NFPA 285 fire code

The current NFPA 285 fire code can present many challenges for exterior wall construction. This presentation explores the use of air barriers, continuous insulation and various claddings in a variety of wall configurations to better understand the NFPA 285 fire code. We will also review the NFPA 285 test, it’s importance and common concerns encountered with NFPA 285 assembly design and installation.


The presentation explores the science behind rain screen technology with a focus on how terracotta can be used to create an assembly that is both sustainable and energy efficient. Participants will enjoy seeing how terracotta is manufactured and installed, its different applications and learn how these assemblies differentiate from each other. The ultimate goal is to explain how to design, detail and specify a terracotta rain screen and sunshade system for your next project.

Roof Gardens & Membrane System Choices - Basic Design Principles

This presentation will cover single-ply & multi-ply system performance, today’s energy issues & system warranties. It will also include proper design principles for roof gardens, membrane selection, applications, plant selections & methods of installation. The meaning of storm water management & the role vegetative roof systems can play in reducing storm water runoff will also be covered.

An In-depth Look at EPDM membranes

Participants will learn the features & benefits of EPDM roofing solutions that have proven to perform, as well as advancements in technology that contribute to higher quality installations & long term service life. The course will also demonstrate the importance of perimeter securement & edge metal systems.

Also discussed will be the unintended consequences of “cool” roofing &
construction generated moisture.

Architectural & Structural Roofing & Siding Products

This presentation will cover Single/Double Lok standing seam metal roofing specific to the pro & cons of seam height, testing, application, wind loads, warranties, unauthorized field production, repairs and additions. Also covered will be “T-Shape” standing seam metal roofing, specific to seam height, testing, application, wind loads & additions.

Lastly we will discuss Zip-Rib Standing Seam Metal Roofing specific to seam height, testing, application, wind loads, repairs & additions, longevity and other possible applications.

– please note this presentation is not AIA accredited at this time and is for internal educational purposes only.