Cannan, Alexander & Scott is pleased to share with you an enhanced roof report tool that is now available. We are able to do a roof condition survey and provide a detailed report for you.

Which can include:

  • a view of the roof area using advanced GPS mapping
  • highlight details & deficiencies
  • photographs of details & deficiencies in report
  • moisture surveys
  • recommendations for repairs and/or replacements
  • provide a detailed roof report quickly & professionally

This report is valuable for:

  • Architects
  • Colleges & Universities
  • K-12 Schools (Building Condition Surveys)
  • Private Building Owners
  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities

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Water intrusion is common and destructive, degrading the structural integrity of a building. Locating excess moisture can be a challenge as there is often no evidence of it on either side of the wall or roof. If this undetected moisture is not identified, the roofing and wall systems will rot and decay. At Cannan, Alexander & Scott, we make early detection of wet areas a priority so we can take the appropriate corrective action.

To detect moisture buildup in the roof , we primarily use and recommend these scanners:

  • RWS Data sheet page 1RWS Moisture Scanner
    The RWS Moisture scanner is a multi-mode, non-invasive scanner designed for the instant, precise, and non-destructive evaluation of moisture conditions and leak tracing in the roofing and walls system of the building envelope.
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  • DEC Data sheet page 1DEC Moisture Scanner for Roofing
    The DEC Moisture scanner for roofing is a mobile non-destructive scanner designed for the instant surveying of moisture conditions in roofing and waterproofing systems.
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  • Infrared Roof Inspections
    Flir-infrared-camera-e60-datasheet-sm2Using our high-resolution infrared thermal imaging camera we can provide infrared roof surveys. This is a proven method for detecting trapped moisture in a roofing system. Wet areas are identified and surveys will provide diagnostic information necessary for making an informed decision when considering roof repairs versus roof replacement.
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