As building envelope product representatives, our role is to work with owners, designers, and contractors of construction projects to create high performance building envelope systems. At Cannan, Alexander & Scott, we work to prevent problems and pitfalls from developing before, during, and after construction.

Our services include:

  • Project planning
  • Architectural design support
    • Specification & detail review
    • Roof surveys
    • Continuing education
  • Contractor training
  • Job site visits and roof test cuts
  • Ensuring project conditions meet warranty
  • Best practice review
  • Leak and moisture detection
  • Walls, roofing and waterproofing systems
  • Warranty compliance check & review

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The roof is the most important part of a facility, and often needs to be maintained long after the initial investment. At Cannan, Alexander & Scott (CAS), we help ensure the best roofing system is selected so you get the most out of your investment.

For new construction we consult with architectural firms to determine the best building envelope solutions.

For existing projects, we survey the roof conditions. This includes reviewing all available and relevant drawings, specifications, reports and records. Then we complete infrared moisture evaluations to identify areas that are susceptible to subsurface moisture. All this information helps us determine the condition of the existing roof and to make a recommendation on the type of roof system that is most suitable for the building.

Based on the data collected, CAS works with the architect and designers to ensure the plans meet the recommended specifications. We then work with the contractors to ensure they are equipped with the materials that best meet those specifications. We also monitor the progress of the construction to ensure it is in compliance with the plans, specifications and manufacturer’s warranty.

With each building envelope project, CAS educates, informs and consults with architects, building owners and contractors to increase awareness of construction products that emphasize sustainable and energy saving technologies. They assist with system design development, specifications and installation trainings.

Metal Roofing


CAS has all of the options for a complete metal roofing system with a variety of seams and your choice of steel, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and copper.

Vegetative Roofing


Deciding on the best vegetative roof system is critical to the performance of the roofing system and to the performance of the vegetation. There are many vegetative roofing assemblies on the market that provide varying benefits. If water retention is your goal, we have options. If your vegetative roof is purely for aesthetics, we have options. We can couple our commercial roofing systems with a variety of vegetative and paver systems to give you a complete vegetative roof system that can resemble a park-like setting or one that simply functions to retain water.

We provide a full roof evaluation on existing roofs and specification and detail support for new construction applications of vegetative roof systems. CAS offers pre-vegetative trays, sedum clippings, and pre-vegetative sedum mats and tiles. Deciding on the most appropriate application is our expertise. We can take your ideas and make them a reality.



Designing an exterior wall assembly that meets both the energy code and the fire code can be a challenge. CAS is well versed in the codes and their future in the industry. Through their involvement with over a dozen different wall assembly components they are regularly helping architects overcome the challenges of meeting the energy and fire codes on all types of projects. Getting CAS involved early-on can save the architect, owner, and contractor valuable time and potential change orders down the road.



CAS represents manufacturers for all types of rigid insulation; open and closed cell spray foam and several densities of mineral wool.



There are a variety of different waterproofing systems available to meet the needs of the building owner. Choosing the correct waterproofing system starts with determining your level of concern for water intrusion within the space you’re designing. Many times there are two or three different options for waterproofing for any given situation. CAS can give you a good, better, best option for the area in question. We have systems for your basic foundation walls and we have systems for basements 40 feet deep, 10 feet into the water table. Knowing that you put the proper waterproofing system on the building you’re working on adds peace of mind to the project and can make or break your next attempt at winning your client’s next project.



Upcoming changes to the energy code are going to require more skylights on your commercial projects. We have many options to meet the current and upcoming energy code. Glazing such as glass, 10 wall polycarbonate, acrylic, fiberglass and the new Polygel, create an extremely efficient skylight unit.

Air Barriers


Air Barriers are required on all buildings that have to meet the NYS building code. The air barrier market is filled with a variety of products for the demanding needs of the building.  Currently the market offers several different varieties: vapor permeable, vapor barriers, spray applied, self adhering, and mechanically fastened. At CAS, we can offer suggestions on the best air barrier for that application. Our system suggestions can be used in NFPA 285 compliant wall assemblies that will also meet the NYS Energy Code.

Expansion Joints


Keeping your new or existing expansion joint watertight is not something to take lightly. On roofs, plaza decks and other areas, expansion joints can be the weakest detail, letting in water much sooner than expected.

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