RIT Inn and Conference Center


The RIT Inn and Conference Center Rehabilitation project included many interior projects and a few very important exterior projects.  The faux balconies on all of the units, which totaled almost 100, were deteriorating rapidly.  The plan was to repair these faux balconies, which were nothing more than edges of floor slabs that extended past the exterior walls.  The repair process required a coating that was durable, required no maintenance, and was something that could be colored. A few different options were looked including the popular urethane traffic coatings.  Unfortunately, urethane coatings are only a 5-7 year solution and RIT was looking for something that would last 20+ years.  RIT chose the Soprema Alsan RS waterproofing system.  The Alsan RS system is a resin based fluid applied membrane with a polyester reinforcing.  The liquid can be colored and the membrane is also rated for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.  The project was split into a three year phase and is nearing completion.


Client: Rochester Institute of Technology
Location: 5257 W Henrietta Rd, Henrietta, NY 14467
Waterproofing Product: Soprema Alsan RS
Surface Area: 10K sf
Completed: 2017
Architect: HBT Architects